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Mission Statement

At Northeast Primary School, educators support high standards of teaching and learning in which both staff and students are active participants. We believe in a holistic approach to teaching our students; addressing their academic needs alongside their social and emotional needs. We remain steadfast in our commitment that students will achieve their potential and be able to use their learned skills for problem-solving, decision-making, and continued educational growth. We believe:

  • All students will learn when they are provided opportunities to do their best and a positive physical and emotional environment by their school, family, and community.

  • The school shall initiate a positive home-school partnership that promotes education as a valuable experience for both home and school partners.

  • An effective leader communicates, coordinates, evaluates, and supervises the process of education for all children and staff in a professional and supportive manner.

  • Northeast school staff have high expectations for each child’s success and will continually seek ways to reflect on their practice and improve their own professional skills

  • That children should be treated with respect and dignity and are best supported by a school staff that is inclusive, creative, and nurturing.