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Northeast  Primary  School

117 Temple Street

Rutland, Vermont 05701



Parents, guardians, and other authorized guests are always welcome in our school. We hope you understand that these procedures are implemented for safety and to limit distractions from learning.

  1. Visitors will enter our building and check in at the Main Office only through the locked door buzzer system.  Visitors must NOT enter through side doors or any door other than the Main Office unless handicapped access is arranged ahead of time for the door near the bus drop-off circle.
  2. Contractors will be admitted with identification and prior knowledge of their business by the principal/secretary.
  3. Parents/Guardians coming for early dismissal of their children are to sign in and may be required to show picture identification before the child's release.  Parents will remain in the Main Office while the child's teacher is contacted.  
  4. Parents/Guardians picking up sick children will be sent to the nurse’s office, provided they have received permission from the Main Office.
  5. Parents picking students up during recess will be given a visitor badge and may be asked to go out to get their child.  Staff will not release a child to adults without visitor passes.  
  6. If you bring something to your child, you may leave it at the office, and we will be sure it will be delivered to the classroom.
  7. If you wish to observe your child’s classroom or a part of their program, we will be pleased to make arrangements with you.  The principal or teacher will set a date and time that is agreeable to all.
  8. Teachers are available to speak with you (on some mornings) before school, during specials, and after school.  They are involved in direct instruction the remaining times and should not be interrupted.  Please consider this if you need to speak directly to a teacher.
  9. Visitors who cannot meet the criteria for admission will be requested to await the arrival of the building principal.


“Where the Main Thing is Student Learning.”