Veterans’ Day

Kindergarteners raise flags up high in appreciation for veterans in preparation for Veteran’s Day. 

Wonderful Meals

Yet another wonderful meal served at Northeast School.  Homemade garlic knots, berries, salad and pasta with meat sauce.

Pumpkin Math

Grade 2 at NE Primary, Ms. Davine’s Class did Pumpkin Math: predicted how many seeds would be inside, predicted the weight, circumference and if pumpkins sink or float! Then we found the actual answers and recorded them! 469 seeds, 14 … Continued


A Northeast PAWs student. (PAWS = Please respect, attend with body and mind, work hard and safety first.)  He is respectful and safe wearing a super special NE themed mask.

Science Experiment

We did a science experiment to show how easily germs spread. Then we talked about best hand washing practices and had kids see their “germs” under the black light. They had a blast!