Snowflake Challenge

I thought you might enjoy these snowflakes the class made today using pattern blocks.  They were challenged to make a six sided symmetrical snowflake.

Rotary Donation

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Rotary Club of Rutland for an incredibly generous donation to Northwest School! This $500 donation will allow Northwest to continue to build classroom libraries that celebrate diversity and broaden our students’ perspectives. In … Continued

Rotary Donation

Here’s a pic of Will Gormly of the Rotary Club of Rutland who donated 500 to us from their Holiday fund raising efforts.  Their donation will go towards our efforts to build outdoor and nature based education at NE.

Cookie Cutter

We made plastic today out of milk and vinegar! Cookie cutters help make our shapes! I will send more pics as we make them!

Mrs. Aprilliano’s Grade 2 Class

Mrs. Aprillianos grade 2 class is doing a unit on gingerbread houses.  Included in this unit is a lesson about Haitian Gingerbread house villages.  Their special guest Willy (Bill Olson) Wonka helped distribute candy from his factory to help with gingerbread … Continued