Fun at the Color Run

Several Northwest students joined forces with Northeast and Rutland Town students to participate in our first Color Run!  This exciting fundraising event supported each school’s Parent/Teacher Collaborative (PTC).  Much thanks to Summer Stoutes, at Northeast School, for organizing this event … Continued

Science is Fun!

Mrs. Cassineri’s Kindergarteners are learning about types of weather, such as wind.  They used a hair dryer and estimated how far various items would blow across the floor.  The farthest:  a plastic egg   Least far:  a small rock

NE and NW Second Graders Visit Downtown

Northeast and Northwest School Second Graders visited downtown businesses and decorated windows with Valentine hearts spreading positive messages about and for our community.

NE Students Take Charge

Last month the a group of Northeast students took charge of decorating their  lunch ladies bulletin board as a way of thanking them for always being so kind. They worked together to create the design, they made it and they … Continued

Grade 2 Self Portraits

Students were introduced to the work of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter.  They learned how to create a portrait of themselves through drawing and painting, with with correct facial proportions using mirrors and step by step instructions.

Mrs Abatiel’s First Graders

First graders say goodbye to 6 female and 2 male Monarch butterflies. We watched and observed the metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar (larva) to chrysalis (pupa) to butterfly! We hope they make it to Florida or Mexico!       … Continued

Mrs. Webster’s Class

Mrs. Webster’s class tried their “hand” (with birdseed in it) at attracting the birds to our birdwatching center. They stood quietly for two minutes while the chickadees flew around us. We will keep trying!